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Your Best Mask is a Healthy Immune System

The Benefits & Actions of Vitamin D

Dr. Cole states that there is not actually a cold and flu season there is really only low Vitamin D season. 

He goes on to explain that every cell in the body has a receptor for Vitamin D on it. That Vitamin D is the master key to your immune system. 

Dr. Cole has treated many Covid 19 patients and says that if you have mid-range vitamin D levels you won’t develop the “Cytokine Storm” (phase 2 of covid 19). Just for reference’s sake, it is important to let you know that Dr. Ryan Cole has worked in diagnostics. He is a Mayo Clinic-trained, Board-certified Pathologist as well as an Immunologist & Virologist. He has also studied pathology and performed hundreds of thousands of covid tests.  

Dr. Cole goes on to say that we have an international Vitamin D pandemic. That 70% of the world is immune-suppressed because of a lack of Vitamin D. That 70 to 80% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. He went on to say that 86% of all hospitalized patients are Vitamin D deficient and that 95% of all ICU patience are Vitamin D deficient. 

If you are Vitamin D deficient, you are immune-suppressed leaving you vulnerable to the common cold, covid, flu & coronaviruses. The best mask of all is a healthy immune system. 

Dr. Cole

How do we get Vitamin D?

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Just Let GO…


Let go of the things you can not control!

I saw a quote similar to this recently and it really spoke to me. Immense amounts of stress can be relieved when we let go of things we cannot change.

Hello My Friend,

It’s Nurse Mary again, hope everything is going well in your health journey!

As you are probably aware, there are so many crazy things that are going on in our world today. We can protect our family and live a simple, safe, lifestyle but beyond that, we need to expect that others are doing their part and let the rest go.

That was a big stress reliever for me. Have you felt stressed by things going on around you? Even the weather can stress us some times but is it really worth stressing about? We can’t really do anything about it except maybe leaving home with a raincoat that morning…

So my message to you today is this: If there is something you are worrying about, evaluate it. Ask yourself: can you change it? Can you do anything about it? If your answer is NO, then leave it to God and move on with your day.

I know this is short and sweet but I hope it was helpful in your day.

A friend of mine “Skeebo” replied to my “Just Let Go” email. She had some interesting thoughts so I wanted to share them with you:

‘⛄ Let It Go’ was the song and mantra for the movie ‘Frozen’ – and my granddaughter could sing every word of it!!! There’s something to be said for the feeling.

My children have taught me a lot about “Let it go”. For every decision, there are consequences – good, hopefully, but there are bad ones, too.

Sometimes, when you see someone, especially your child, making a bad decision you still have to let them do it. As a parent to say it’s difficult is an understatement! There’s a time to step in and a time to let them make their own choices and experience the consequences.

It’s easy to rejoice for a good decision – but heartbreaking to watch a bad decision unfold – wishing you were wrong about the outcome.

One thing is for sure: 
Don’t allow it (unnecessary stress) for yourself – ‘Let It Go’. Keep believing in yourself and do the hard work to care for yourself. 
At that point – Mary is right – be the encouraging person in other peoples’ lives. You never know what seed you plant which may take root in another person’s mind and heart 💝.

I appreciate Skeebo’s kind words and hope you have found encouragement from them as well.

Many of you have replied to me with your own personal stories and I appreciate you so much.

I look forward to hearing from you, Until next time – Be Well !

Mary Howard RN

The Barrel, The Ladder & The Wall

By: Dr Jerry Petermann, 2016

Curious title? Yes, but illustrative for our discussion.

Often an analogy serves best to make a point. We will explore three.

The Barrel
In the world of pickles and whisky, a wooden barrel is the ideal storage vessel. Some people even advertise how their liquor or beer is aged in oak barrels. Laudable, as they even claim to make their barrels for that very purpose.

Now, in the construction of a well-made wooden barrel, the pieces known as staves, must be crafted with perfection to make a liquid tight construction. Even these “perfect” staves must be held in place by some external force; metal bands, to maintain integrity. Should some other external force be placed on the barrel, in most cases these bands will resist catastrophic failure. However, should an external force be applied to a single stave, the entire barrel might collapse, as together all are strong but individually, they are not.

The human body’s complex systems are rather like a barrel of wooden staves held together with “bands” of proper diet, exercise, mental well-being, hydration, supplementation and rest.

Now, comes our modern times with every fad diet, exercise program, supplementation plan and MLM products, hydration by Power Drinks or Vitamin Brews and mental health gurus of every type selling you on meditation, yoga or hiking in the Himalayas to be in contact with the Ancient Masters.
Here’s the problem: our “staves” are pushed individually very hard by many of these products, plans and concepts. There is never a balance. And, like the wooden barrel, too much pressure on a single stave, our barrel can collapse!

Example: too much of one particular supplement “for your liver” can disrupt your uptake of calcium, another might be for a “blood cleansing” which is quietly wreaking havoc on your mental cognition and neuron function. Pushed too hard with one particular supplement, the body may malfunction (begin to collapse the barrel”) and you could end up in the hospital or even dead. About 20 years ago, an MLM was promoting a “Natural Weight Loss Program” by boosting a person’s metabolism. Great idea, except the company was using an old Chinese medicinal herb with natural ephedrine. Several people died…their “Metabolism Stave” collapsed completely. Too much of one thing without balance can be deadly.

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Is there a connection between the Brain & Gallbladder?

Nagging Shoulder Pain, Unexplained headaches – Could it be your Gallbladder? 

Certain headaches can point to certain areas of the body.

In Eastern medicine, the Gallbladder meridian runs along the side of the head.

It is believed if you can release the build-up of tension in the gallbladder meridian you can relieve the tension that is causing the headache.  This type of headache is often located in the center of your forehead above the eyes. Usually not a major headache but more of a nagging type of headache. Maybe described more as a head tension. 

The Gallbladder Connection…

It is kind of interesting how we came about researching this subject for you. I was at my chiropractor with pain by my right shoulder blade and sometimes a pinching sensation between the shoulder blades. My chiropractor said to me we have worked on this pain before and it seems to come back a day or 2 later. He said I wonder if it could be your gallbladder? This led me on a deep-diving journey towards several things I learned.

How Do I Know If My Gallbladder Is Out of Whack?

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The Benefits of Iodine

Iodine is an element that’s required for the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormones. Since the body does not produce iodine on its own, it needs to come from dietary sources—and striking the right balance is key. Inadequate levels or overconsumption of iodine can lead to or worsen thyroid disease, as well as cause other significant health concerns.

Why is Iodine so important?

Iodine is one of the most important minerals required by the body for healthy cellular and complete metabolic function. Breast tissue, the uterus, the ovaries, the thyroid, the brain and the prostate depend on iodine. But typical intake levels for most people are not optimal.

Iodine supplementation can be life-changing!

Why Increase Iodine Intake?

  • Healthy Metabolism and Weight Management Support
  • Increased Energy
  • Improved Libido
  • Breast Health
  • Prostate Health
  • Detoxification
  • Increased Immune Function*

In our family, if we have been around crowds or plan to be around several people, we take Iodine supplementation. We also start taking iodine any time we have the slightest scratchy throat. Even if we think we have been around too much dust or our allergies start acting up, we have found that by fortifying our body with Iodine we decrease our risk of these things turning into an infection.

Also, we have found in our family that if we start taking our iodine when we first feel a cold or flu coming on it will considerably decrease the length of time we are sick. Instead of having a 2-week flu, we may just have a 3-day flu.

I don’t mean to make any medical claims by sharing my story but just wanted to share why and how iodine supplementation has helped our family.

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Change YOUR Life with the Truth about Digestive Enzymes

Without googling “digestive enzymes” would you be able to tell a friend what their roles are in our bodies?  Would you be able to tell them how many are naturally produced in our bodies?  Before I learned more about them, I would have had a basic description of what they do and why I need them and that’s about it.

Just the sound of the words digestive enzymes doesn’t sound all that interesting but, in reality, they’re actually very important.  Enzymes support life! Specifically, digestive enzymes, help our bodies break down food into molecules so our bodies can pick them up and use them for essential functions.

What if the foundation of good health and the way you understood it is INCOMPLETE?

Video with Dr FullerEnzyme Specialist

There is a lot of mystery around enzymes when in actuality they are very simple to understand.

  • You need them
  • They need to be present
  • They need to be in the cell for the cell to work
  • YOU need them for good health!

Everyone needs supplemental enzymes …..they just don’t know it.

In the video, Dr. Fuller invited 7 people to learn more about how enzymes affect our overall health… but were told nothing in advance.  Their blood was drawn before and 30 minutes after taking digestive enzymes.  Wow!  What a difference in blood cell movement!  In case you didn’t know, blood cells are responsible for many things like delivering oxygen to the body and toxin removal, to name a few.Blood Cells

~See the oatmeal enzyme experiment & the live blood cell microscope

experiment by watching the 7 minute video.

Important takeaways from this video

  • Systemic Enzymes have been formulated and blended to work only in the presence of blood. They don’t stop in your stomach, they then go into your blood.
  • 30 minutes after taking enzymes they tested the blood cells again and you could see a huge difference in movement. The cells moved much more freely with white blood cells everywhere. By taking enzymes you shouldn’t have plaque build-up and your body will be able to drop more toxins.
  • We will suggest that you take a high quality enzyme that will help you at that cellular level.

When going to the doctor for digestive issues, oftentimes, he or she will tell you to take an OTC medication and eat better.  Could this be covering up the issue?  In my opinion, YES, it very well could be.

Here are a few problems I have with the treatment plan above:

  1. In many instances, it doesn’t address the true issue.
  2. The true issue may be an inability to break down certain foods.
  3. Eating healthier is great, but does it actually lead to better digestion and a better well-being?  Maybe not without digestive enzymes!
  4. You are adding something to your diet (blanket medication) that may not be necessary.

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Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?

The Answer is a Resounding YES! It is possible to stop and reverse cancer growth by simply eating healthy.

Cancer is an ugly word. It seems like there are more and more people getting diagnosed with some form of cancer everyday. We all know the damage it can do to our lives and others around us. So, before we dive into how to get rid of these cells, lets first learn what cancer is and how it survives and grows.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is where a group of abnormal cells grow and hijack the body’s normal, balanced system of angiogenesis (healthy blood vessel growth). The tumor needs nutrients and oxygen to grow and spread. It does this by sending chemical signals that stimulate blood vessel growth in the area, in turn allowing blood, oxygen and nutrients to be sent to the tumor to continue growing.

There is lots of great research out there explaining this process and how to stop it.

Dr. William Li Cancer Researcher

Dr. Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer, particularly anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor.

The crucial first (and best) stepEating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game. It’s like scoping out a competitor before the big game. Once you know how to beat them, you can put your game plan into action and work towards that victory.

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Sciatic Nerve Pain – Cause & Relief

You’ve been sitting at work for awhile and are laser focused on a project that is due soon. Maybe you’re in a long car ride, road tripping to your favorite destination. Then.. a pain begins which you know will be helped if you aren’t sitting anymore, but now is not the time to stand!

I have often heard people talk about this pain in the back of their thighs that runs down the backs of their legs. This can sometimes be Sciatic nerve pain.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is a term used to describe radiating pain that travels along the path of the sciatic nerve, running from your lower spine through the buttock and down the back of the leg. It flares when the sciatic nerve is irritated or pinched by any range of problems in your lower back.

Many times when this pain flares up it is temporarily relieved by standing but, often times, will come back later on. The cause behind the pain doesn’t always go away on its own, so you may need to take action to keep it away.

Stretch to relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

To help with relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain – Dr. Steve has a really simple stretch that may just help you in your day.

This Stretch is called the Pirformis Stretch for low back pain and Sciatica.
The tightness in these muscles often happens from extended sitting, regularly bouncing on a tractor seat or even bumpy rides in a big truck.

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The Three Phases of Covid 19

  1. Viral Replication
  2. Cytokine Storm
  3. Viral Thrombosis

You go through all 3 of these stages whether you get Covid 19 or if you have the Covid shot. Like a flu shot, if you take the Covid shot you go through the 3 phases in a much lesser degree than if you get the full-blown virus but their are still risks involved.

I felt drawn to share a little science lesson with you today. When I recently learned this it answered a lot of questions for me.

The three phases of Covid 19 and a little explanation of each

  1. Viral Replication – this is when the virus is multiplying within you. (you may not know you are sick and likely you are contagious)
  2. Cytokine Storm – When your whole body, all of your immune system is under attack. Depending on your health and/or risk factors will have a lot to do with the outcome.
  3. Viral Thrombosis – Blood disorders and blood clots are all part of the “normal” progression of this disease.
3 Phases of Covid 19: 1. Viral Replication, 2. Cytokine Storm, 3. Viral Thrombosis.
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Bugs Be Gone

Get Ready to Spring into Summer!

Hello! I hope you’re doing fantastic and enjoying the weather. No matter your age, I think we can agree that warmer weather just makes us happier people. The feel of the sun shining on our skin or the smell of freshly cut grass puts me in the best mood! If you suffer with allergies be sure to read my article on natural allergy remedies found here. They have helped so many people, including my own family.

There are so many things to do outdoors right now in this part of spring. If you’re like me you’re also looking forward to the possibilities of summer. We can get out and find a great deal at a garage sale or see our kids or grandkids play in their sporting events. Maybe, you’re getting out camping or fishing or tending your garden. Whatever your outdoor adventures include you’re sure to have to deal with some of the world’s most annoying little creatures. BUGS!

Mosquito Bites. Bugs B gone!

Do you ever wish you could create a safety shield around you to keep them away? For sure! My hand is always raised at that question but the catch here is the word “safety.” Have you ever looked at the ingredient list of most store bought bug repellents and wondered “What are some of these ingredients?” I certainly have and I’ve thought to myself that most don’t sound the least bit natural or safe to use.

Plus, who has time to research that long list?! If you’re like me, you don’t want to take any chances with your or your family’s health. Especially when there are other options that are safe, effective and have additional benefits! Also, they smell great unlike store bought bug repellents that smell awful.

Natural Solutions for bugs away

So, “How can I get these natural remedies” you might ask? All you have to do is gather the desired ingredients and spray bottles to make your very own natural bug repellent. I use 2 oz. spray bottles I found on which is hyperlinked in the recipes below for you to easily find. You’ll also see these recipes are very easy to make and are ready to use immediately!

DIY Bug Repellents that work!

Watch our quick video and then download the info sheet about these oils and a separate pdf if you want to print your own labels.

Here is the printable PDF of these recipes and a Printable PDF of the bottle labels.

We used Avery labels 8160. Here is a link to those as well if you would like: 
Avery Address Labels for Inkjet Printers, 1″ x 2-5/8″, 750 Labels, (8160)

Bugs B Gone Repellent Spray

*Tip: Adding 1/2 tsp rubbing alcohol to your 2 oz bottle will allow oils and water to blend better.

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