Calming Essential Oils for Children & Adults with Mood Issues

4 Essential Oil Recipes to Help the Children in YOUR Life

Do you ever wish you had go-to natural solutions for the children in your life? Do you just hate to have to reach for medicine and feel like there must be a better answer? 

I have a friend that has been using essential oils with her grandchild for Autism. She has also had some friends whose son has Tourettes. In this video, Jaynie talks about her personal experience. She also shares 3 recipes you can make yourself for the important kids in your life. 

In this video, we went over many calming oils for both Autism and Tourettes

These same essential oils are also great for children needing help to focus and study or to wind down at night. 
Make your own Roller Ball for your children with Autism.

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Children – what natural solutions will help them the most

A Grandmother Helps Her Grandchildren

I like to use several different things with fevers and stuff, peppermint oil, but with my autistic grandson, it just depends on what’s going on with him when he’s in a poor mood or something like that. We use a mixture of Frankincense, Spruce, Cinnamon, Blue Tansy, Howood & Vetiver. That really helps his moods.

Those Essential oils are mostly from trees. Spruce, Howood, Frankincense & Vetiver.

When he has a hard time with his communication skills, for example, stuttering, we’ll use Frankincense and Lavender.

Oh, that’s simple. Mix and powerful too. It’s a great mix.

How to make a mood and tension rollerball?

In a 10 ml roller bottle put:

Rollon bottles from amazon

You can’t get much easier than that!

Here are some Roller Bottles from Amazon if you want to make your own roll-ons

When he has a hard time focusing, which is also good for studying for those of you who have children who are at that age, we use Frankincense, peppermint, and wild orange.

Frankincense & Lavender work well to help with Tension.

The Study Essential Oil Mix

In a 10 ml roller bottle put:

Peppermint and wild orange, you would think that there would be energizing oils but wild orange especially seems really good for focus.

Frankincense is, is a great calming oil, among other things, but it is, has many good calming benefits.

Frankincense Lavender and Orange help with focus for study

At the end of the day, with his autism, he seems to get geared up sometimes.

At the end of the day when it is time to calm down, um, we use Copaiba & Vetiver. Those essential oils become his pre-bedtime ritual.

Rest Relax Essential Oils at the End of the Day

In a 10 ml roller bottle put:

Does your grandson go and get the rollerball when he needs them himself?

We started out using the different rollerballs when we saw he needed them. We have used them long enough now, we’ve color-coded them, and he is 4 years old now – He knows what he needs. When he starts to stem or he starts to feel in a kind of down or upset mood – he’ll come to us and tell us – I need this roller ball or that roller ball by color. Well ask him why and he can explain to us what he is feeling or tell us why.

Copaiba & Vetiver to help with Relaxation and End of the day Tension.

It is so good when a child that is actually learning what he needs and it’s right there at hand, a natural solution, so cool.

Vetiver Essential Oils for Tourettes

I want to mention again that Vetiver is wonderful for Tourette’s.

We have a very good friend whose son has Tourette’s and he is over eight months without any ticks from his Tourette’s. They use Vetiver essential oil on him.

Vetiver for Tourettes wow. Tourette’s. can be so embarrassing for a young person. Did you say your friend’s child is 8 years old? At that age, he is already so self-conscious of people around him noticing his ticks. Being able to manage them with a simple natural solution has to be life-changing for him.

If these solutions have been something you’d like to learn more about, we’ll put some links in the description below.

I’m Mary Howard RN with and this is Janyn Howland with Essential Oils for Better Health.

Until next time – Be Well!

Natural Solutions with Essential Oils for Autism & Tourettes.

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