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Without googling “digestive enzymes” would you be able to tell a friend what their roles are in our bodies?  Would you be able to tell them how many are naturally produced in our bodies?  Before I learned more about them, I would have had a basic description of what they do and why I need them and that’s about it.

Just the sound of the words digestive enzymes doesn’t sound all that interesting but, in reality, they’re actually very important.  Enzymes support life! Specifically, digestive enzymes, help our bodies break down food into molecules so our bodies can pick them up and use them for essential functions.

What if the foundation of good health and the way you understood it is INCOMPLETE?

Video with Dr FullerEnzyme Specialist

There is a lot of mystery around enzymes when in actuality they are very simple to understand.

  • You need them
  • They need to be present
  • They need to be in the cell for the cell to work
  • YOU need them for good health!

Everyone needs supplemental enzymes …..they just don’t know it.

In the video, Dr. Fuller invited 7 people to learn more about how enzymes affect our overall health… but were told nothing in advance.  Their blood was drawn before and 30 minutes after taking digestive enzymes.  Wow!  What a difference in blood cell movement!  In case you didn’t know, blood cells are responsible for many things like delivering oxygen to the body and toxin removal, to name a few.Blood Cells

~See the oatmeal enzyme experiment & the live blood cell microscope

experiment by watching the 7 minute video.

Important takeaways from this video

  • Systemic Enzymes have been formulated and blended to work only in the presence of blood. They don’t stop in your stomach, they then go into your blood.
  • 30 minutes after taking enzymes they tested the blood cells again and you could see a huge difference in movement. The cells moved much more freely with white blood cells everywhere. By taking enzymes you shouldn’t have plaque build-up and your body will be able to drop more toxins.
  • We will suggest that you take a high quality enzyme that will help you at that cellular level.

When going to the doctor for digestive issues, oftentimes, he or she will tell you to take an OTC medication and eat better.  Could this be covering up the issue?  In my opinion, YES, it very well could be.

Here are a few problems I have with the treatment plan above:

  1. In many instances, it doesn’t address the true issue.
  2. The true issue may be an inability to break down certain foods.
  3. Eating healthier is great, but does it actually lead to better digestion and a better well-being?  Maybe not without digestive enzymes!
  4. You are adding something to your diet (blanket medication) that may not be necessary.

When the body can’t do its job…

  • If you take in foods that your body can’t break down – those foods can cause problems.
  • If you take in fat that you can’t break down it becomes plaque.
  • If you take in proteins that you can’t break down they putrefy.

What if your body can’t break down healthful foods?

This is what a high-quality digestive enzyme does for you – It helps digest your food properly. We often assume that everybody can perfectly digest their food. That is actually far from true. We assume that all the nutrients we consume will get to the cell and again – that is not always the case.

Without digestive enzymes, blood cells don’t operate very well and toxins and plaque build up. Again, and I can’t state this enough, if you eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruit but you can’t break them down well, you likely won’t be getting the healthful benefits they provide.

Other Important Information about Digestive Enzymes

  • Stress affects the ability of the blood to move and function at it’s best as well.
  • Digestive enzymes get your red blood cells moving with more oxygen and they can help your body get rid of waste.
  • Enzymes are natural, they are bio-available to the human body. Most of us don’t make enough enzymes to meet our needs.
  • When you take enzymes your body can use nutrients properly and get your body to take the nutrients where they need to go.
  • How important are enzymes to the cell? Without enzymes, the cell can’t live. As the science shows enzymes are extremely important to the life of the cell.  The cell is the building block of life, so it needs to be taken care.

If you’ve decided you’d like to try your hand at using digestive enzymes, we’d recommend you take them with each meal. Here are our favorite ones: Diges-T, Probio-T & Digest Chewables

I hope this has helped you in your day.

Until next time, Be Well!

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