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We are local to Springfield MO & Rogersville, we ship to to all 50 USA states. We are also local to Seymour, Nixa, Ozark, Fordland, Sparta, Marshfield, Mansfield, Northview and Southwest Missouri. 

BioMeridian testing is a machine that tests the electrical currents in your body (much like a lie detector test or an pulseoximiter) The Reflex point of one hand and one foot are touched with a type of stylist while you hold a metal bar in your other hand. The results are sent back through a computer program. BioMeridian testing can help you choose what supplements can help you the most as well as find areas in your environment and the foods you eat that may be disruptive to you body’s healthy balance.

iTOVi Scan is similar in that it tests the electrical currents in your body and sends that information back through a computer program. That computer program then directs you to Essential Oils that may help balance the health of your body.

These tests do not diagnose or treat specific diseases

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