FOOD – The MOST Powerful Drug?

Could it be possible that so many of our modern day ailments could be healed with food? The answer is YES! How could that be? Think about this for a minute. Many of these ailments are caused by a lack of certain substances found in food or from eating the wrong foods. I’m talking foods that are not good for you like junk foods, processed foods, etc.

The book The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind by Dr. Mark Hyman gives powerful evidence and descriptions supporting just how powerful food can be.

Dr Mark Hyman starts out talking about Clayton. Clayton is 12 years old and had severe ADD, he also had Asthma, Anxiety, abdominal pain, and that was just the A’s.

He had a whole list of other problems, Eczema, hives, insomnia to name a few.

His ADD was so bad he could barely write, his penmanship was so bad. Rather than treat his ADD, his Asthma or irritable bowel, his hives, eczema, or anxiety Dr. Hyman simply got his system in balance.

What was really shocking to Dr. Hyman – that lightbulb moment – Mom brought Dr. Hyman a sample of Clayton’s handwriting – you couldn’t read it!

After 2 Months (see picture shared here) his mother brought his homework back and it looked like the 2nd pic…

Hand Writing with ADD vs Handwriting after 2 months of cleaning eating

Dr. Hyman didn’t try to bio-hack his handwriting or treat his brain. All Dr. Hyman did is ask the family to take out the foods that were creating imbalance and putting back things that create balance.

Wow Food can cure many ailments

He used a drug called Healthy Nutrition – it has the ability to optimize dozens of hormones, to improve the expressions of genes and the protein network in the body. It has the ability to balance the immune system, to optimize your gut healthy bacteria, and it works faster, better and cheaper than any drug discovered.

It has no side effects and it is available in almost anybody on the planet.

This drug is FOOD – Dr Hyman says food is the most powerful drug. It is not like a drug – it is a DRUG.

He also has a 10 day detox book:

10-Day Detox Diet: Activate Your Body’s Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast

This little video above brought something home to me. If we can get our kids away from processed foods and start eating things the way they come from the earth we can do a lot to help them to better health (just like ourselves).

Here is an affiliate link to his new book:

The 10-day detox diet – is a program that eliminates the foods that create disease, puts in the foods that create health, and gave people a few simple practices to do.

In 10 days there scores on the FLC Quiz (Feel Like Crap) improved. Whatever it was, Migraines, insomnia, all diseases improved. It didn’t matter what it was, IBS, depression, joint pain, auto-immune disease, they all improved.

What is your FLC score? (Feel Like Crap)

A guy came up and said I have Rheumatoid Arthritis – in 10 days I feel better, is that possible? Yes it is possible because food is the most powerful drug. One lady said, Dr. Hyman, I have Type II diabetes, I got off 56 Units of Insulin, how is that possible?! Another person had lifelong depression and got off her psychiatric medication. In 3 days no longer feels depressed. She said is that possible?

Dr. Hyman said – yes it is possible because FOOD is the most Powerful DRUG on the Planet.

I like Dr Hyman and have followed him a long time. He doesn’t get hung up on only eating low carb or all the other crazes that go on. In his books, he mostly talks about eating whole foods as they come from the earth. He also talks about ways to seek out clean sources of healthy food.

Food exists specifically to energize, heal, repair, and uplift us. Every bite you take is a powerful opportunity to create health or promote disease.

I’m about real food, the kind that comes from the earth and fuels and sustains us, NOT the industrialized, hyper-processed, hyper-palatable junk that degrades us and makes us sick. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Increasing evidence is showing us that food is the most powerful “drug” we have. It doesn’t just prevent illnesses, but it can also treat, cure, and reverse many chronic illnesses. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Food contains information that speaks to our genes, not just calories for energy. What you eat programs your body with messages of health or illness. We are learning from research in the field of nutrigenomics, that food “talks” to our DNA switching on or off genes that lead to health or disease.⁣⁣

What kind will you allow into your body? The choice is yours to make. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

Food the most powerful drug on the planet

Until Next Time, Be Well

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