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They say if you’re doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Sometimes it can be hard …

to find what you’re truly passionate about. That’s why I invited Mary Howard to this week’s show.

Mary is a registered nurse who is passionate about helping you keep your body healthy so that you live your life to its fullest. In this episode, Mary and I get into discussing our thoughts when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. After all, being and staying healthy has a lot to do with our success in business and in life.

We also tap into Nurse Mary’s business growing experience as she shares what things worked and what tactics didn’t when it comes to marketing her health and wellness business. We scratch the surface of talking about how to nurture communication with your contacts using email.

Unexpectedly, we started discussing Russell Brunson’s Expert Secrets book, which we both highly recommend. Enjoy!


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