Joy - Abundance - Success Success, Joy, Abundance - Have you heard these words as success words you can repeat to yourself?

Joy – Abundance – Success

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Have you heard these words as success words you can repeat to yourself?

Some people use them for mantras for meditation. For a while I used “Abundance” but then my fear of success and too much stuff and more “things” and being able to keep up with everything I had to do around me kicked in. I’m sure I’m interpreting “Abundance” wrong but, well, I had to go with a different motivational word. The “Abundance” word kind of backfired on me.

Do you ever fear success? I mean wishing for more business only to be filled with fear about being able to keep up, give excellent customer service to more business. It seems like a real fear to me.

The motivational experts say that at that point is when you need to bring help into your business. That is actually a great solution and the right solution. There is some little hitches in this transition. To begin that transition before you actually add a team member there are some things you need to do as you go along.

For starters, it is said, and I agree, it is important to do all the work yourself until you absolutely can’t keep up and you are kind-of way behind even though you are working your hardest and for long days yourself. During your start-up phase when you are wearing all the hats in your business begin to put systems in place. Write out procedures for things you do. Grouping certain types of activities. Those types of things. That way when you start hiring a little help you will have certain tasks that you can delegate. You will already know how long that task should take and you can decide to pay them by the project or by the hour.

Over the years I have succeeded and retreated at this. I have hired help for a time only to feel “caught up” after while and go back to most tasks solo. I beat myself up for a while that this was being afraid of success but now, looking back it really was not. It helped me perfect systems and procedures and define areas that I could delegate.
I still have so much to learn in growing my business to the point where I am less hands-on but I can truly say I have loved this journey.

I find a lot of Joy in what I do. Each team member that I get to know is a life and or a family that I get to make a difference for and together we get to make a difference in the lives of our customers.

Success has been gradual, for sure it is NOT an overnight success 🙂 But really I have loved the journey. and who knows, maybe one day I’ll truly understand what Abundance is supposed to mean. 🙂

This truly does sound like a rambling blog post. A little peek into my world.

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