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Kristin Wood, Health Coach
Don’t become Stagnant in you life. Move more, remove chemicals from your food and manage your stress…

Lives in Eldorado Springs Mo
Typically connects with clients over the phone or over Zoom. 

Rewards of Health Coaching with Clients:

Probably the biggest reward is when something really registers with a client and they start making a change. It can be something little that they initially change, but when there is success, it’s easier for the next change to occur. When little changes add up, it can trickle into having family members start to make changes as well. It’s making a difference. 

When little changes add up, it can trickle into having family members start to make changes as well.

Different coaches have their own niches that they work with. I work mainly with women who are just overwhelmed and stressed out from life, taking on too many tasks and neglecting themselves.

Being Stressed out can Cause Real Health Issues

It can cause some real health issues. The health issues can be pretty significant, but we help them learn how to take care of themselves,  making themselves a priority. Some of their health issues can start to reverse, and they can see some improvements.

What You’re eating, what your stressors are, and coping mechanisms

could be something that we work on. Through an initial consultation, we’ll find the biggest points they want to work on first. What can we tackle that will give them the biggest “bang for their buck”?

Maybe You Want to look at Your Diet

If we would just remove chemicals from our diet, we wouldn’t have to worry as much about counting calories. We really should be reading labels. There are so many things on a label you can’t pronounce, they can’t be good for you.

If you can’t read it, you probably don’t need it in your body

You may want to look at some stressors in their life, and how to cope better with them. It’s client by client. Everybody is different. 

Don’t become Stagnant

Something I find interesting to think about is that the majority of our body is water. Think about a puddle of water that doesn’t have anything flowing through it, just sitting there stagnant, it can get quite stinky. It can get a film on it. That’s our bodies, if we are not moving them every so often throughout the day.

Get up and walk around. Find something that you enjoy. Moving, whether it’s dancing or going for a bike ride, playing catch, or chasing your kids. Whatever it is that you can do to get your body flowing, get that water flowing so it’s not the stagnant pool.

Don't be Stagnant like a mud puddle

In reference to moving, one thing I’ve noticed in life is with technology, you don’t get up and move through the day because everything’s at your fingertips. It’s not even so much about getting the cardio exercise as just moving. 

Everyday Tools for Getting and Staying Healthy

1. Remove Foods that have Chemicals

I’ve talked about the chemicals in processed food. That’s a big thing I suggest all clients look at. Just get your body moving more. It’s too easy to be lazy. 

2. Move More…

Stress is killing us, so work on removing stress from your life. That’s sometimes really hard to do. A health and life coach can help you with whatever might be stressing you, and give you some tips, or help you work through some things that might be mental blockages that are creating stress for you.

3. Stress is a big killer in the USA

I really like the idea of a positive affirmation for yourself. Some people use post-it notes on their mirror or a screensaver on your phone or your computer.

4. Positive Affirmations

It’s easy once you get on a negative roll first thing in the morning to just stay in that all day long. So a positive affirmation, maybe something at home, something that works, something in the car, can trigger you to get more positive and be more grateful. 

Kristin Shares a Real Example of How a Health and Life coach can help

A recent client had some really big changes. She had been fighting with fibromyalgia and some irritable bowel problems. After she had been going to the doctor for probably 15 years trying to find the best medication, she really wanted off the medication because it affected her personality.

It was interesting when we started working together, she said her biggest goal was to be who she used to be. After we were about halfway through the 12-week program, she said she realized that she didn’t want to be who she was before, once she really started thinking about it. There were things she didn’t really like about that part of her life.

She was looking forward to the new person she was becoming

She was surprised after working with doctors for so long and really not having any clear results that just through some diet changes, meal timing and meal prepping, she was really able to make some significant changes with her bowels and with her fibromyalgia symptoms. She was very happy to transform into something better than what she had remembered she was.

If doctors hadn’t really done anything for her, how was I going to help her?

I admit I was a little worried when we started off. If doctors hadn’t really done anything for her, how was I going to help her? She was so happy because she didn’t feel that the doctors ever really listened to what her real issues were. I listened and we tried to get to the root of the symptoms she was having, not just mask them.

Advice for other small business owners

You know, it’s not easy to get started and get attention as a new business. Don’t expect it to happen overnight. Even when you see somebody who seems as if they were successful overnight, they weren’t. They put a lot of work in and didn’t quit. If it’s something you’re really passionate about, don’t quit. Just keep trying, and stay positive.

Books I recommend

One of my favorite books is by Byron Katie, “Loving what is”. Her whole philosophy is basically if you can’t fix it, you have to let it go. If it’s not something happening to you, you have to let those things go. I have found that her whole concept is great for helping to deal with some of the stress that we have in life. If it’s a family member who’s going through something, you may be stressed out about it. If it’s not your problem, you can’t fix it. I love the book because it gives a different way to look at some of the things that cause stress and to let them go, although letting go is never easy. Through her work, she gives a much better perspective on how to look at it. 

In the book, what she says is, “Is it mine? Is it someone else’s? Or is it Gods?” I love that. And if it’s not yours, you have to let it go. 

Another one I love is “The Gifts of our Compulsion” by Mary O’Malley. Every compulsion that we have, we often think negatively about. We don’t even give our good compulsions a thought. For instance, you get up and brush your teeth every day, and you don’t praise yourself for that normally, but if you want to come home and have a glass of wine every night, you might get aggravated about that and look down at yourself. Those all started as a positive compulsion. When you realize what that compulsion really meant for you, what it was trying to help you with and acknowledge it, it’s easier to let it go at that point and move past it. 

Those are two of the books that have made a big impact on me. 

I also love to just listen to podcasts, anything that is spiritual or  just positive.

Make Room for the positive

One of the things we look at in my programs is your physical environment. If you’ve got a chaotic home office, it’s likely to represent everything else you do. So something a lot of people need to do is take the time to do some purging and clean up their environment.

 I have thought it’s going to take me awhile to become a minimalist. But I really like the concept of just getting rid of the things we don’t need. I haven’t decided that this year I want to get rid of a lot of things, but I do want to quit spending money on things that aren’t really going to benefit me.

Helpful Activities

There is a free ebook on the website with some tips on how to gain energy.

I put a wellness tip on my personal Facebook page, every Wednesday . It is a super simple tip that if people would implement with consistency, they could start to see some changes in their health and wellness. They’re just some little things you might want to do. Maybe not every one of them, but pick a few things to start making some improvements. It builds trust with people. 

I just want to say that, in my business, I always offer a free clarity call with potential clients so that we can see if we’re a fit for each other. It is a free call. They’re probably going to have some kind of a mindset shift whether they decide to work with me or not, but I just invite people to get started with that.


Loving What Is by Byron Katie . The Gift of Our Compulsions by Mary O’Malley

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