Manage Your Fear

How many times have you not done something you wanted to just because you were afraid? Fear has, most likely, stopped you at some point in your life but it’s important to know the purpose of fear and to know how tight of a grasp fear may have on you. Often times, fear stops you from many things it doesn’t need to. Knowing how to use fear to your advantage will help you in so many ways.

Fear exists for a very important reason. However, this does not mean you should try to stomp it out entirely. You can live a much more fulfilling life by properly managing it.  If you have a healthy grasp on fear and let it work as intended, GREAT WORK!

If you’re struggling with fear, you’re not alone. I am affected by unrealistic fears, as well. It can steal happiness or be immobilizing. It can keep you from having those extra rewarding moments in life but it doesn’t have to once you learn how to manage it.

Manage Your Fear – There is Creative Living Beyond Fear

This book is an encouragement to face fear head on and find that creative “jewel” inside. I found this concept of creative living beyond fear fascinating when listening to a podcast of Elizabeth Gilbert interviewing Marie Forleo. Both of these women are fascinatingly insightful ladies – I could sit and listen to them all day. Anyways, Elizabeth Gilbert was explaining a concept she talks about in her book: Big Magic- Creative Living Beyond Fear

Moving Beyond Your Fear

How do you move beyond fear? Where do you even start? It feels like fear sneakily creeps its way into my life and I don’t even know it!  So many times in my own life I have let fear hold me back in my health journey, too. 

For example, if I have a busy day: I might feel extra anxiety to not miss breakfast because there may not be any food around at lunchtime (We live in America – like that is going to happen right ?!). 😀 Another “unrealistic” fear I let seep into my health journey – I better change my plan to start eating better today and put it off until tomorrow – because today we are going to go out to eat and I don’t want to fail the 1st day. Or how about this one – do you ever do this? I better not get up and exercise early today because then I’ll be too tired this evening and I have a big day ahead of me… I’m sure these things never happen to you, though… 😄

Fear can lead to self doubt

😨 Wow! Really?! This podcast really spoke to me on so many levels so I’d like to pass on what I got out of this one excerpt of her book:

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