Better Health – Reducing Inflammation with Food

Inflammation is an immune response within your body that aims to reduce things like toxins, infections and injuries to begin to heal itself. It’s basically your body’s defense system. Did you know it is possible for certain foods or ingredients to trigger inflammation? It can lead to pain and other unwanted symptoms as well as be an underlying condition which can be linked to certain diseases.

Inflammation – How can it affect you?

Irritated joints, irritation in the digestive tract, high blood pressure and allergies can be a sign of inflammation.

Autoimmune disorders can crop up from unmanaged inflammation.

Inflammation culprits can be many and it may depend on who you are. Things that irritate me could be different from what irritates you, and vice versa.

Inflammation doesn’t only affect joints. You may not have known that irritation of the digestive tract often follows that of the joints. 

Take a guess at what the # 1 inflammatory food is? You guessed it. Sugar.

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Is there a connection between the Brain & Gallbladder?

Nagging Shoulder Pain, Unexplained headaches – Could it be your Gallbladder? 

Certain headaches can point to certain areas of the body.

In Eastern medicine, the Gallbladder meridian runs along the side of the head.

It is believed if you can release the build-up of tension in the gallbladder meridian you can relieve the tension that is causing the headache.  This type of headache is often located in the center of your forehead above the eyes. Usually not a major headache but more of a nagging type of headache. Maybe described more as a head tension. 

The Gallbladder Connection…

It is kind of interesting how we came about researching this subject for you. I was at my chiropractor with pain by my right shoulder blade and sometimes a pinching sensation between the shoulder blades. My chiropractor said to me we have worked on this pain before and it seems to come back a day or 2 later. He said I wonder if it could be your gallbladder? This led me on a deep-diving journey towards several things I learned.

How Do I Know If My Gallbladder Is Out of Whack?

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6 Reasons Why Coconut Oil is Good For You

🥥 Coconut oil is one of the few foods you can truly call a superfood. Coconut Oils is also one of the most controversial foods on the market. 

🥥 It just takes 2 Tablespoons 🥄🥄per day…

There are 3 types of people you will meet when it comes to Coconut oil:

  1. Those that won’t touch it because it has “saturated fat” – they have been lead to believe that fat causes heart disease. They are wrong
  2. The person who sees the benefits of Coconut Oil but are scared to eat it because it is “too high in calories”. They have been led to believe that all calories are created equal. They are wrong
  3. The person that uses Coconut Oil it for everything 😍

I saw this video that explains why you should eat at least 2 TBSP of Coconut oil every. The article talked about Coconut Oil having an impact on losing weight, boost your immune system, lower inflammation and overall just and feel amazing. 

Just 2 Tablespoons per day to help with health.

Just so you know, I took this to heart and have been using 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil per day since I heard about this. So far I feel good, not negative effects, it certainly hasn’t caused me to gain weight. It has made me feel less hungry and my skin seems to be softer. 

🥥 #1 Coconut Oil to help you lose weight

Even though 1 TBSP contains 120 calories. These 120 calories don’t act the same in the body as say 120 calories of Canola Oil. 

The different kinds of foods we eat have different effects on our health. 

Coconut oil is more thermogenic compared to other foods and fats. 

This means that eating Coconut Oil tends to increase energy expenditure. 

So what that looks like then is when you eat coconut oil it helps to burn more calories. 

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