Better Health – Reducing Inflammation with Food

Inflammation is an immune response within your body that aims to reduce things like toxins, infections and injuries to begin to heal itself. It’s basically your body’s defense system. Did you know it is possible for certain foods or ingredients to trigger inflammation? It can lead to pain and other unwanted symptoms as well as be an underlying condition which can be linked to certain diseases.

Inflammation – How can it affect you?

Irritated joints, irritation in the digestive tract, high blood pressure and allergies can be a sign of inflammation.

Autoimmune disorders can crop up from unmanaged inflammation.

Inflammation culprits can be many and it may depend on who you are. Things that irritate me could be different from what irritates you, and vice versa.

Inflammation doesn’t only affect joints. You may not have known that irritation of the digestive tract often follows that of the joints. 

Take a guess at what the # 1 inflammatory food is? You guessed it. Sugar.

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