My favorite guru for learning pickleball is Kyle – He is both funny and educational!
You can find him on YouTube as ThatPickleballGuy

You can see lots of quick tips in his collection of “Shorts” as well as some great instruction for beginners and advanced players in his longer pickleball videos.

One of the cool things about Kyle is that he really helps you “up your skills” whether you want to be a recreational pickleball player or if you want to play in some local tournaments.

He has even gone through his own rough patches with a right shoulder injury that he had to switch to using his Left hand for a while. When you go through that it can feel like you have to learn the game all over again.

He talks about one major advantage to this unfortunate situation that when his right shoulder healed he now had an advantage and his two handed back hand returns improved considerably.

I’ll add video links of his to this blog post thread as I see things you could benefit from.

Play on! and UP YOUR GAME one game at a time 🙂