The Three Phases of Covid 19

  1. Viral Replication
  2. Cytokine Storm
  3. Viral Thrombosis

You go through all 3 of these stages whether you get Covid 19 or if you have the Covid shot. Like a flu shot, if you take the Covid shot you go through the 3 phases in a much lesser degree than if you get the full-blown virus but their are still risks involved.

I felt drawn to share a little science lesson with you today. When I recently learned this it answered a lot of questions for me.

The three phases of Covid 19 and a little explanation of each

  1. Viral Replication – this is when the virus is multiplying within you. (you may not know you are sick and likely you are contagious)
  2. Cytokine Storm – When your whole body, all of your immune system is under attack. Depending on your health and/or risk factors will have a lot to do with the outcome.
  3. Viral Thrombosis – Blood disorders and blood clots are all part of the “normal” progression of this disease.
3 Phases of Covid 19: 1. Viral Replication, 2. Cytokine Storm, 3. Viral Thrombosis.

Not So Common Knowledge about the 3rd Phase of Covid 19

Viral Thrombosis – maybe I should have known this but I did not know it is a normal progression of Covid 19. This man-made virus is some nasty stuff! We have been hearing about some blood clotting issues but I honestly thought it was a “side effect” of the Covid shot. Turns out it is a normal progression of the virus through our body.

I have friends who have had Covid 19 – landed in the hospital because they couldn’t breathe. It is common for these blood clots to travel to the lungs. Some individuals respond well to medical treatment, some not so much. Many survivors lose a large percentage of their smaller micro blood vessels in their lungs and have difficulty breathing and low energy even after Covid 19 is gone. Two of my friends ended up with heart complications after having survived Covid 19. One needed a stent put in for his heart the other had quadruple bypass surgery. Not something to take lightly but there is some light at the end of the tunnel (pun intended :).

Recently I listen to a podcast episode where Dr. Heiman interviewed Dr. Li and the science they talked about is where I learned a lot of this information. (I will post a link to the podcast below).

The “STORM” that happens inside your blood vessels

They talked about the storm that happens inside the blood vessels being much like this – The inside of your healthy blood vessels should be smooth. They likened it to the ice that has been smoothed out by a Zamboni. they are smooth so that your blood and nutrients can glide along within them. After Covid, they are rough – much like ice after a hockey game. It has been beaten to death and needs time, nutrients and rest to heal.


Long-Haul COVID And The Mysteries Of Coronavirus: A Path To Healing with Dr. William Li

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