What is a BioMeridian Scan?

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The BioMeridian Scan is a test done with a BioMeridian Machine. Using a stylist to touch meridian points on a hand and a foot. It measures the electrical currents of the body and sends your information back through a computer program. The results help tell you where your body is out of balance. Some systems may be overworked and some systems in your body may be underperforming. The results help you determine changes needed in your diet, lifestyle, environment as well as supplements that may be helpful.

Meet Krystal Myers CNHP our Bio-Meridian Scan Practitioner

Mary Howard RN works closely with Krystal and is a registered nurse she can guide you to choose natural products that work for your needs or direct you to Krystal for a Scan.

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What is a BioMeridian scan and What Does it do?

It is testing the electrical magnetic field of the body and it does it through what is known as acupuncture points or Meridian points. Hence the name of the equipment is a Bio Meridian scan.

This will measure all these points and show us where there are weak areas where there are inflamed areas and help us see how to rebalance those areas.

What do You Need to do to Prepare for Your BioMeridian scan?

You actually don’t need to do anything specific. Just do what you normally do. If you normally have breakfast and have coffee, go ahead and have that before coming in. If you’re someone that does intermittent fasting and you don’t eat until noon and your appointment’s at nine, go ahead and do the same thing because we want to see how your body is acting in your everyday life and that will help us see if we need to alter anything. I see people here and run a computer scan on them and it gives us an idea of what their body needs.

How to Get Products

Our practitioner will send you Mary’s direction and she will provide you with the products you need.

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Product Discounts

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BioMeridian Scan is a solid technology

We do a BioMeridian Scans for you and then the scan results matches you up with the herbal products that could help you the most. The BioMeridian scan, is similar technology to a pulse-ox taken on your finger or had an ultrasound done – so it’s a real solid technology.

How does a BioMeridian Scan work, and what does it measure?

We have nerve endings at in the skin that can help us get some information on the frequencies and the vibrations of the organs throughout the body.

What are frequencies and vibrations?

All disease processes, as well as every organism, have a frequency to them. If you put cancer cells in a petri dish under a scope, they would have a frequency and a vibration to them. A leaf from a plant has a frequency and a vibration, and our organs also have a frequency and a vibration. So knowing the way the frequencies and vibrations of the universe, our bodies, and food, all come together can help us. Sometimes when we find the frequencies and the vibration of a disease process, we can use a food or an herb to counteract that frequency and vibration. We can get an immense amount of healing properties from the right herbs and especially from eating the right foods.

How does eating make a difference?

Not everybody should eat the same. Eating Vegan may feel great. Not eating grains might feel great. Your body may feel great without dairy, and soy may not work for you. Your body will tell you if you pay attention. If you eat something and pay attention to how you feel for several hours afterward, you will know if that’s something your body hates. Bio-Meridian testing can give you really good feedback for what foods are right for your body. It can also tell you what types of enzymes might help you to better digestion the foods you eat.

How often should I have a BioMeridian Scan?

Sometimes we definitely need to see you in two weeks or four weeks. But for the most part, I tell them, just go with your gut feeling. When you feel like you’re ready to be retested, to see where you are, call and we’ll get you in. Some people come once a year, once every six months or a handful of people come every single month and they enjoy that. It’s just totally an individual preference.

What if I have questions?

If you have question simply text us: 417-830-6365. We can answer simple questions or get you in touch with a Bio-Meridian scanner in the area.

What is the best thing about Bio Meridian?

What I love about Bio Meridian is, it might not indicate just one health issue. You may be able to figure out two or three things going on and then take care of the most important thing first then we work our way down, so it doesn’t require you to come back every month.

It is so Important to Take Charge of Your Own Health

I’ve been adding information about nutrition and different herbs to our website so that people can do some of their own homework. Again, the machine isn’t everything. You have to take ownership of your health, and I’m fascinated as I’ve learned about nutrition and I want to empower people to do their own homework and take responsibility.

Be Proactive About Your Health

You can have a million products, but unless you eat what’s right for you, exercise in a way that fits you and get good sleep, you won’t feel well. It’s just part of the puzzle. And there are so many puzzle pieces. Your emotional well-being plays a big part. If you are in a situation in life that makes you extremely unhappy, you can take all the products you want and not feel really well. You have to change some things in your life so that you can be happy, and not be under a ton of stress forever.

Your Emotional Health Affects your Physical Health

Your emotions can play a big role in your health, and if you keep good company, laugh and enjoy life, it actually raises the pH in the body and keeps you in more of an alkaline state. If you’re always angry or under a ton of stress, or are working way too hard, your body is in too much of an acid state and when you’re in an acid state, disease process tends to thrive in that. It’s amazing how all these different things play a role.

The Microbiome – What it is and How it Can Affect Your Health?

The “Microbiome” is kind of a buzzword right now. It consists of the microbes in your body. They can change because of stress or anger or sadness. Those microbiomes change and they’re going to be out of balance. Interestingly, when the microbiome and your body is out of balance, you’re lucky if it displays as a digestive problem. Sometimes it’ll display as a liver problem or as inflammation in joints. So if it actually displays as a digestive problem, you’re one of the lucky ones.

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