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I heard Russel Brunson talking about this on his Marketing Secrets podcast. It hit me and it made me understand myself better. It also made me realize that other people don’t have these types of obsessions. Sure the word “Obsession” gets a bad wrap because if it is about a bad thing it is not good but what about a focus on what you want to do or where you want to go in life that is so clear and you are so driven that it borders on being an obsession?

I tend to compartmentalize my passions, my driven projects, my “obsessions” into different categories for example in the past year I have become passionate about wanting to ride a Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP). Because I live in MO and we don’t have weather year-round to ride them I have created an exercise routine that I call my SUP exercises. Even though exercise is a key factor for good health and I’m all about getting healthy it still wasn’t enough to motivate me to get up in the early morning to get my exercise time in before everyone else is moving. But add an additional reason to it and it gives me a vision for the future.

I’m actually afraid to share this here because it makes it even more real. I want to be in great shape to paddle up and down the river at my Mom’s this summer. To not be limited by my strength and sore muscles. I also want to get proficient enough to take my SUP to the ocean and ride some of the smaller waves. I’ve done a lot of homework on this and even watched a movie on it. (I’ll post a link if I can find it). On the ocean, you can pick some of the smaller groups of waves and ride your SUP from wave to wave for a LONG way. It looks like soooo much fun!!!

So my health and fitness obsession this winter is to gain the strength and balance to ride my SUP this summer. The balance parts of the exercises are actually really fun for me. It seems like the balance exercised is actually the part that tests if you have gained the appropriate strength to achieve the desired goal.

What about my work, well quite honestly that has been an obsession for me for years. To the point that I go for the next goal without stopping to enjoy the accomplishment of the current goal. I’m getting a little better and verbalizing my little wins along the way with my team members but don’t let much grass grow under my feet before I’m on to the next goal.

I’m not honestly sure it is as much about not being able to stop and enjoy the accomplishment as being obsessed with helping people all the time. Like their needs don’t stop when I accomplished something. At what point are my needs important? I am getting better at structuring things so we have some financial goals and vacations and “chill days” but still so far to go and so much to learn.

I’m passionate to grown my health company with more information for people and more quality supplements for them to help them in their day – to help them on their journey to better health. Sometimes we do get focused on the numbers and that is important too because if the numbers aren’t working then the whole thing can’t stand, continue to grow, or move forward.

Brendon Burchard on his “The Brendon Show” this morning talked about chucking projects. Have your list of projects you want and need to get done to move forward in your business but then put them in time-frame. Allow yourself to work on just a few projects at a time, actually 3 at a time. Give yourself a timeline, complete them then look at the blocks for the next project to do after that.

He talked about some software I may need to look into that allows you to put projects into blocks and then move those blocks around. It sounds like something that could really help me as part of my problem is having too many priorities. I am trying to figure out how you plug in those activities that you need to do on an ongoing basis like emails and blog posts.

The secret success sauce to a business you are passionate about is to be obsessed with it!

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