Your Best Mask is a Healthy Immune System

The Benefits & Actions of Vitamin D

Dr. Cole states that there is not actually a cold and flu season there is really only low Vitamin D season. 

He goes on to explain that every cell in the body has a receptor for Vitamin D on it. That Vitamin D is the master key to your immune system. 

Dr. Cole has treated many Covid-19 patients and says that if you have mid-range vitamin D levels you won’t develop the “Cytokine Storm” (phase 2 of Covid-19). Just for reference’s sake, it is important to let you know that Dr. Ryan Cole has worked in diagnostics. He is a Mayo Clinic-Trained, Board-Certified Pathologist as well as an Immunologist & Virologist. He has also studied pathology and performed hundreds of thousands of Covid tests.  

Dr. Cole goes on to say that we have an international Vitamin D pandemic. That 70% of the world is immune-suppressed because of a lack of Vitamin D. That 70 to 80% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient. He went on to say that 86% of all hospitalized patients are Vitamin D deficient and that 95% of all ICU patience are Vitamin D deficient. 

If you are Vitamin D deficient, you are immune-suppressed leaving you vulnerable to the common cold, covid, flu & coronaviruses. The best mask of all is a healthy immune system. 

Dr. Cole

How do we get Vitamin D?

One way we get Vitamin D is from the sunshine through our skin

The catch is that anyone above the 37th parallel does not get adequate Vitamin D all winter long and therefore are most likely Vitamin D deficient. 

Even if you have winter exposure to the sun you still do not synthesize enough vitamin D to protect your immune system.

Sweden and Norway actually supplement foods on the store shelves with Vitamin D to avoid these public health issues. 

80% of Americans are Vitamin D deficient.

Another way we get Vitamin D is through our soil

The problem is that our soils in the USA are Vitamin D and Magnesium deficient. (These 2 nutrients work together to have a functioning immune system). 

Diet is an important way to get Vitamin D

Diet, Diet, Diet – what you eat matters!

Dr. Cole

Obesity (30 to 50 pounds over optimal weight) – reduces your ability to get Vitamin D into your circulation. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. The heavier you are the more Vitamin D goes into your fat cells instead of going into your circulation where your immune system can benefit from it.

It is interesting to note that normal Vitamin D levels also decrease colon cancer rates, breast cancer rates, depression & suicide rates. An interesting statistic – 8 out of 10 suicides are in northern states. 

Vitamin D is not just a vitamin it is a “pro-hormone” in the body 

Most physicians don’t understand how critical Vitamin D is. Dr Cole feels strongly that supplementing with Vitamin D should be a public health message. The take-home message is that you CAN do something for your own health, for your immune health. Normal Vitamin D levels can decrease your risk of covid and hospitalization by 90% !

This last statement is a scientific fact. The studies have concluded. 

Conclusion: You have to be outside in spring and summer for 30 to 40 min in the sun, without sunscreen, to get your vitamin D.  During the winter months you need to supplement. 

Another interesting fact is the darker your skin the harder it is to synthesize Vitamin D.

The fact that there are more dark skin colored people in the hospital has nothing to do with racism, social status, etc… but so much to do with their Vitamin D levels. You actually have a higher risk for covid and all other illnesses if you have dark-colored skin and you don’t supplement with Vitamin D. 

The RDA for Vitamin D is way too low in the USA. That number was established after WW2.

Supplement with Vitamin D3 during the winter months. Protect your immune system with Vitamin D

We recommend 5,000 IU (125 mcg) to be a healthy daily dose of vitamin D3 

You may find it fun to try the Dminder app – tells you when you can synthesize Vitamin D from the sun.

The conclusion is that the public health message should be:

  1. Get your Vitamin D
  2. Supplement with Vitamin D
  3. Cut out the sugar, processed foods, lower your carbohydrate intake and remove inflammatory foods from your diet

Managing your weight is important. Most likely, those who are 40 to 50 lbs over their optimal weight are dealing with quite a bit of inflammation. Often times, when you “get healthy” by removing unhealthy foods from your diet the “trimming down” will naturally follow because your energy will come back and you will feel like moving more. Eating healthy and taking supplements, especially Vitamin D3, can slow the aging process of our cells making us feel better.

I hope this has been helpful in your day, Until Next time – Be Well !

Vitamin D from the sun


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